The Richard Sorce Project

The Richard Sorce Project appears on EverJazz Records. Just released on 1/1/2021: the new album, "Bossambal Brazil," consisting of 14 original tracks with 11 musicians. Available on all major sites, e.g., Amazon, et. al., and featured on Connect Brazil and JazzNet247.

On the new CD (2017), "Samba Para a Vida," which follows "A Place I've Never Been," and "Closer Than Before," are fifteen tracks, seven of which are sung in Portuguese and performed by a nine-piece group. Click on Audio to hear selections from the CD: Cante (Sing), Antes De Te Conhecer (Before I Knew You) and Once More.

The Richard Sorce Project

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The Richard Sorce Project

Richard Sorce - Composer, Pianist and Arranger

Richard Sorce is a published author, composer and Billboard charted songwriter, arranger and producer, and has been on the faculty at Ramapo College and William Paterson University since 1999. Prior to his current positions he was on the faculty at New York University from 1980-1996 as professor of theory, aural skills, and composition and director of the music theory program.          

He holds a Ph.D. in music theory and composition from New York University, an M.A. from NYU in theory, composition and higher education, and did undergraduate study at the Manhattan School of Music and the New York College of Music, as well as piano study at the Shenandoah Conservatory of Music.             

Sorce has received several Meet the Composer grants; he is an ASCAP award winning composer and songwriter and the recipient of the Esteemed Faculty Award from New York University.                    

Sorce has received numerous commissions, has composed music for piano solo, chorus, ensembles and orchestra, written and co-written over 300 songs, and was commissioned to compose a ballet for the celebration of the Constitution Bicentennial performed by the Trenton Symphony Orchestra and the New Jersey Ballet.                                                                                                               His music has been published by G. Schirmer, Theodore Presser, Warner Brothers, Boston Music Co., Excelsior Music, Middle Melody Music, Jackaroe Music and Imagine Music Publishers. His books, including Music Theory for the Music Professional: A Comparison of Common Practice and Popular Genres, are published by Scarecrow Press/ Rowman and Littlefield. His latest textbooks, Musicianship for the Contemporary Musician, and Pitch Perception through Applied Theory are published by Linus Publishing.                                               

Recordings of his “commercial” songs have been released on Arista Records, Vanguard Records, CBS Records (France), BMG, Quality Records (Canada), Green Pepper (Great Britain), United Performers, and others.   Currently, two of his CDs, “A Place I’ve Never Been,” and “The Sorcerer’s Accomplice,” consisting of all original Latin-Jazz works, are receiving substantial recognition through radio play, radio and T.V. interviews and written reviews. 

Sorce's album, "Samba para a Vida," has received multiple reviews, and has been played on numerous radio stations internationally. The first track, "Escrito No Vento," won Best Brazilian Song of 2017 on The sounds of Brazil Radio. This album, along with two previous albums, is published by HD Music Now, Inc. "Bossambal Brazil," 2021, is also published by HD Music Now, inc., and is distributed by APM/EMI.