"Before I Knew You"

“Before I Knew You”


One time,

A time Before I Knew You,

I knew, one day

You would be here.

Many years have come

And gone too fast,

But waiting often brings

A gift that lasts.


I thought

That magic only happened for some,

Who thought

I’d ever be that one,

But then you came from some exotic place,

And here we are about to celebrate.


We’ll find that place no one has heard of,

That place, imagined long ago,

Before I Knew You, you were just another fantasy,

Of who you were and if you’d come to me.


Well, that chapter is done,

We’ll write a new chapter one,

Now, we’ll write our own story,

Whatever it is, whatever we wish.


One time, a time Before I Knew You,

Never, would I believe in fate,

But a voice kept at it deep inside,

With words I never thought I’d realize.


There are so many things that can’t be explained,

I know, there’s on thing that remains,

When everything seems quite impossible,

Sometimes the end result is wonderful.


Well then, today’s a new beginning,

Whatever was present in the past,

Is just a tired memory somehow I don’t regret,

A memory I know I’ll soon forget.


Was there a time before,

Some distant time before,

Was ever there a time Before I Knew You?

©2017 Richard Sorce, Sorce Tones Music, ASCAP


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